Tabletop Ply

Plyco's collection of stunning, dynamic products designed for broad application as tabletops within any living environment.

Compact Laminate

  • Constructed with multiple layers of kraft paper and resin with a decorative face on both surfaces.

  • Manufactured under high pressure, thermosetting resins ensure a robust, moisture resistant and durable product.

  • Available in a range of colours and black and white.

  • Suited for indoor & outdoor furniture applications such as bench tops in cafes and restaurants, as well as cabinetry in BBQ and alfresco areas.

  • 13mm thick.


  • An exclusive PLYCO product made in our Fairfield manufacturing plant using high pressure laminate pressed on Birch plywood.

  • Bespoke laminate colour and plywood thickness.

  • A range of ten colours and shades available.

  • Thicknesses available: 18mm, 24mm & 30mm

  • Suitable for cafe tables and countertops.

Premium Birch Plywood

  • Renowned for its strength, versatility and beauty, Birch is perfect for both interior and exterior furniture applications due to its intricate grain detail and colour.

  • The evenly engineered 1.4mm veneer laminates establishes a product that is both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Available in 18, 24 and 30mm, applications include furniture cabinets, tables and shelves.


  • Widely considered a giant grass variety, bamboo can grow up to one metre per day and does not require re-planting after harvesting.

  • Can be used for joinery projects including cabinets, tables, shelves & counter tops.

  • Available in seven different appearances.

  • Available in a range of thicknesses including 19mm, 25m, 30mm & 40mm.


  • A made-to-order product exclusive to PLYCO.

  • A selection of decorative veneers are pressed onto a Birch Plywood core, fusing the strength and integrity of Birch Plywood while providing customers with almost infinite appearance possibilities.

  • Standard veneers include:
    - Plantation Oak
    - American Oak
    - American Walnut
    - Tasmanian Blackwood
    - Jarrah

Black Birch Film Face

  • A product which was once utilised only within the construction and formwork industry.

  • Premium exterior-grade Birch plywood covered with a smooth phenolic black film on both sides.

  • Dynamic and functional.

  • Easy to clean and mantain.

  • Eye-catching edge profile a highlight of any cafe or restaurant table.

  • Available in 18mm, 24mm and 30mm


The industry standard
600mm x 600mm 800mm x 800mm 900mm x 900mm


600mm round 800mm round 900mm round


For bespoke projects
If standard sizing doesn't quite meet your project's needs, Plyco can happily produce custom cuts across our entire line of Tabletop products.

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